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Seamless Learning in the Digital Age

By April 15, 2020May 12th, 2020No Comments

Only two months ago, teachers around the world were conducting business as usual (which, on some days, could be rather unusual). Students entered the classroom – their second home – and participated in a variety of activities and assignments together. As a family.


Schools across the world are closing down campuses for the remainder of the academic year. Teachers and schools are scrambling to find solutions for remote learning. Librarians are reading books using video technology – just to feel somewhat close to their students during this global pandemic.

So much has changed in such a small amount of time which can be disruptive to teacher instruction and student learning.

Seamless Learning in the Digital Age

But not for every school; Verano Learning Partners continues to drive high quality learning despite these unforeseen challenges. Using the online and digital learning space, Verano schools continue to provide students with unparalleled personalized support and flexibility, empowering them to succeed without missing a single day.

Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona serves middle and high school students using a hybrid model that incorporates digital resources into the everyday routine – both on campus in Goodyear, Arizona, and online at home. This integration of technology inside and outside the classroom has allowed students of diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and lifestyles to learn alongside each other and succeed – even amid school closures.

Once the school building was forced to close, Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona teachers were able resume their face-to-face lessons within their digital platform without missing a single day. 

What made this transition easier?

The students were already using teacher-led digital curriculum from StrongMind for instruction and assessment. They were able to continue learning on the same path as before, without missing any assignments or needing to learn a new platform. Teachers, too, were already familiar with the learning management system (LMS) since they actively used the digital curriculum as the foundation in their face to face classroom instruction. Progress has continued to be tracked, grades entered, and important discussions happening in the virtual classroom.

Of course, a few changes had to be made along the way. Rather than their daily face-to-face or group interactions on campus, teachers are conducting two live synchronous sessions per day using video technology. But everything else? No changes needed.

Students participate in discussion boards for each assigned course, allowing them to hold regular interactions not just with peers, but with participation from teachers. Students complete coursework with robust lessons, supported with numerous interactives like videos, games, infographics, and more. They submit workbooks, checkpoints, projects, and exams through their LMS. Teachers respond, give feedback, and guide students on a personal and group level. Valor Principal Leonard Edlund continues to report to the state using data from the LMS.

Business as usual (despite the unusual circumstances).

Innovation in education allows for quick adaptation during crises

Some schools may be struggling to overcome challenges involving remote learning – and those challenges vary from school to school. But those who already incorporate comprehensive digital curriculum into their school’s transition from the face to face to virtual classroom almost seamlessly.

Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona has sought to create a highly engaging experience for students using technology from day one. Modern school for the modern student.

What can a school do to meet the needs of students, families, and teachers during this time? Seek out a strong digital learning solutions partner to support you. Verano Learning Partners are innovating with one goal in mind: fostering the magic of learning for students, teachers, administrators, and families alike.

As we work together to combat these new challenges – both within and outside of education – it is clear that schools need a lasting digital learning solution and partner that is prepared to support them so educators can continue delivering a quality learning experience to students. Verano is here to help.


Verano Learning Partners is a leader in developing innovative learning models and schools as part of a collaborative network of schools and partners. Its schools, both nationwide and international, strive to elevate learning opportunities for students with engaging and interactive digital curriculum. Using the online and digital learning space, its schools provide students with unparalleled personalized support and flexibility, empowering them to succeed.

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