The Cutting EDge

The Cutting Edge is a web series powered by Verano Learning Partners and hosted by the Verano’s Chief of Staff, Chase Eskelsen.

The Cutting Edge features a variety of guests from school administrators and teachers to thought leaders and policy analysts.
Episodes focus on the latest trends in Education and the future of learning for younger generations.

Episode 5 | Natalie Covarrubias

Assistant Program Director of iCode Goodyear, Natalie Covarrubias, joins the show to talk about computer coding, after school enrichment opportunities, and their one year anniversary on March 3, 2021.

Episode 4 | Seth McKinzie

Chief Development Officer of Verano Learning Partners, Seth McKinzie, joins the show to talk about finding the right educational option for each unique district, charter, or private school.  The idea of an intentionally designed foundation to any school or institution becomes crucial to future thinking academic programs.

Episode 3 | Savannah Denning

Savannah Denning from Green River Regional Education Cooperative in Kentucky joins the show to talk about bite-size professional development opportunities paired with immediate takeaways to drive student success.  Additionally, the idea of teacher resiliency is discussed.

Episode 2 | Julie Taylor

Head of School, Julie Taylor joins the show to talk about flexible private school options including a summer school opportunities for both currently enrolled and non-Bridge School enrolled students from anywhere in the world.

Episode 1 | Dan Mahlandt

Principal Dan Mahlandt gives a real world example of hybrid learning.  Additionally, get more information on The Valor Preparatory School of Arizona’s open house and iCode Goodyear’s one-year anniversary scheduled for March 3, 2021.