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The Cutting EDge @ DLAC

The Cutting Edge is a web series powered by Verano Learning Partners.

The Cutting Edge features a variety of guests from school administrators and teachers to thought leaders and policy analysts.
Episodes focus on the latest trends in Education and the future of learning for younger generations.

Episode 5 | The Cutting EDge w Chase Eskelsen – DLAC Special – Signing Off!

Thanks for watching The Cutting EDge, DLAC Special! We’re gearing up for Season 2 so stay tuned for all new episodes coming soon! You’re not going to want to miss what we have in store for you!

Episode 4 | The Cutting EDge w Chase Eskelsen – DLAC Special

Chase runs into an old face- Executive Director of The Future of School, Amy Valentine! We stop by for a quick chat with Amy about DLAC and what she’s excited to see at this years’ event.

Episode 3 | Mary Gifford

With over 15 years of experience working in the industry, Mary Gifford brings a high level of expertise and passion for elevating the student experience to StrongMind. As President, she oversees day-to-day functions and serves as the chairman of the board. Prior to joining StrongMind in January 2019, Mary was the Senior Vice President for Academic Policy and External Relations at K12 Inc.

Episode 2 | Allison Powell, Ed.D

The Director of the Digital Learning Collaborative, Allison Powell, Ed.D, joins Chase Eskelsen for another installment of The Cutting EDge: On The Road! In addition to her role at DLC, Allison also serves as the Program Chair for the Digital Learning Annual Conference and shared her thoughts on the conference as we wrapped up Day One.

Episode 1 | The Stegner Family

The Cutting EDge hits the road to DLAC (Digital Learning Annual Conference) in Austin, Texas! Kicking off this series Chase has a chat with the illustrious Stegner Family, Chloe, Kaitlyn and Lora!