Welcome to Verano


A re-energized effort founded by decades of experience

Founded by digital learning trailblazers, Verano’s essence is the result of dedication, passion and commitment. Our goal is to use our collective experience from nearly two decades of operating in the online and digital learning space to elevate learning opportunities for students.

Come innovate with us.

What sets us apart

With dynamic online and blended partnerships, we believe deep collaboration is key to your success. You won’t find a transactional, impersonal relationship here. Rather, we have key differentiators we follow in any partnership:


We develop new learning models or exit strategies to help poor performing partnerships.


We are nimble and balance academic and operational independence.


We provide turnkey and a la carte solutions based on the needs of all stakeholders.


We believe people matter and humanizing learning is critical in a digital age.


We are well capitalized to make appropriate strategic investments that will positively impact learning outcomes.


We believe digital learning strategies enable learner and growth outcomes at scale.


We understand the importance of measuring growth in addition to outcomes around the whole learner.


We believe online learning provides some students with the flexibility and convenience they need to excel in their education.


We believe all learners benefit from both online and in-person learning.


We believe in equitable and accessible choice (public, private, charter).

Partnership Opportunities

At Verano, we are constantly striving to elevate learning opportunities for students. Through our partnerships, we are maximizing the best of what digital education can offer and scaling student-centered learning—both in a traditional setting and one that’s completely online. We also pride ourselves on forging partnerships we can enact groundbreaking change with.

  • Online schools and programs
  • Blended schools and programs
  • Districts and State Departments
  • Charter schools
  • Private schools
  • International schools
  • University Partnerships
  • Government Agencies
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Corporate Partners
  • Startups and New Learning Models

Our Collaborative Work

Want to partner with us? Review the different types of partnerships we currently offer below:

School Management Partnerships

Full Education Service Provider
For partners seeking a nonprofit to execute their full mission and vision

Our Partners

  • Valor Preparatory of Arizona
  • Valor Preparatory of Ohio
  • Seeking Innovative Partners

Online and Blended Partnerships

Partial Education Service Provider
For partners seeking a nonprofit to execute select components of their mission and vision

Our Partners

Come back soon! We are excited to share the news.

Innovation and Advocacy Partnerships

Education Service and Design Partner
For partners seeking a nonprofit to dream and build learner-centric solutions

Our Partners

Come back soon! We are excited to share the news.


Verano’s mission is to develop innovative learning models and schools as part of a collaborative nationwide network of schools and partners.


Verano believes in elevating student learning experiences through the creation of sustainable models and equipping learners to be both successful contributors to society, as well as career, college and life ready.