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Welcome to Verano


Setting a new standard for innovative learning

The essence of Verano Learning Partners is a shared dedication, passion, and commitment to elevating learning opportunities for students. Through a network of collaborative partnerships, Verano is leading innovation that will create student-centered models that are both sustainable and scalable.

Come innovate with us.

Our Collaborative Work

Want to partner with us? Review the different types of partnerships we currently offer below:

School Management Partnerships

Full Education Service Provider
For partners seeking a nonprofit to execute their full mission and vision

Our Partners

  • Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona
  • Valor Academy of Ohio
  • The Bridge School
  • Seeking Innovative Partners

Online and Blended Partnerships

Partial Education Service Provider
For partners seeking a nonprofit to execute select components of their mission and vision

Our Partners

Come back soon! We are excited to share the news.

Innovation and Advocacy Partnerships

Education Service and Design Partner
For partners seeking a nonprofit to dream and build learner-centric solutions

Our Partners

  • TutaPoint
  • iCode
  • EMCC
  • SEALS Future Foundation


Verano’s mission is to develop, manage and deliver a high quality, rigorous educational experience in a learning environment that creates a sustainable, positive impact on a student’s life.


Verano believes in elevating student learning experiences through the creation of sustainable models and equipping learners to be both successful contributors to society, as well as career, college and life ready.