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The Cutting EDge Archives

On The Road | AFC National Policy Summit

This time the crew heads to Milwaukee, WI to attend the American Federation for Children’s National Policy Summit. We catch up with a few familiar faces and get their quick takes on some of the most burning questions in education today.

Summertime Special

In this Summertime Special of The Cutting EDge, we’re bringing back a familiar face – Tamara Becker! This time Tamara is excited to talk about her brand new educational venture called Adamo Education. As Founder and CEO of Adamo Education, Tamara talks about how Adamo can help families looking for a classic educational model, but with a modern approach!

Episode 15 | Ben DeGrow

Ben DeGrow, Director of Education Policy for the Mackinac Center, joins the show to talk about Student Mobility Scholarships, a deep dive into federal COVID relief funds, and other more general education policy topics.

Episode 14 | Dr. Yovhane Metcalfe

Dr. Yovhane Metcalfe, Chief Academic Officer of StrongMind, joins the final program of Season 1 to talk about digital curriculum design for students in grades K-5 as well as the new StrongMindED SEL curriculum.  Also, we tease a Summer Special of The Cutting EDge that will be happening at the DLAC conference in Austin, TX June 14-16.

Episode 13 | Jeff Kwitowski

Jeff Kwitowski, SVP Public Affairs for Stride, joins the show to talk about the current education landscape, policy trends across the nation, and the large number of new learning formats shared by all school formats.

Episode 12 | Mark Plitzuweit

Mark Plitzuweit, CEO of EdKey Inc., joins the show to talk about quickly pivoting during challenges experienced during COVID and how their organization is uniquely situated to keep student outcomes at the forefront, regardless of challenges both large and small.

Episode 11 | Inga Cotton

Parent Advocate and founder of San Antonio Charter Mom’s, Inga Cotton, joins the show to talk about how parents can enrich their student’s education, advocate for children and their very specific learning needs, and support emotional and mental wellbeing.

Episode 10 | Amy Valentine

Executive Director of The Future of School, Amy Valentine, joins the show to talk about their education non-profit and how they are supporting teachers and students. Future of School has been around for 5 years and their efforts are directly tied to student and teacher successes.

Episode 9 | Tamika Galvin

Principal of Valor Academy of Ohio, Tamika Galvin, joins The Cutting Edge this week to discuss a great public school option that feels like a private school in the heart of Columbus, OH.

Episode 8 | Tamara Becker

Vice President of School Services, Tamara Becker, joins the show to discuss digital instruction’s ability to differentiate the school experience for each learner.  Additionally, she explains the benefits of serving adult learners through digital education.  Finally, she provides some pointers for schools and administrators looking at adding digital programs within their schools post-COVID.

Episode 7 | Jessica Shopoff

Harvard Strategic Data Fellow, Jessica Shopoff, joins the show to talk through student performance data, academic policy, and creating specific student-centered decisions.  Additionally, she provides advice to building data capacity within educational institutions.

Episode 6 | Tillie Elvrum

Tillie Elvrum, who leads the Parent Support for Online Learning, joins the show to talk about partnering with like-minded parents who see the value of digital education options for their students.  She also explains her first-hand experience of enrolling her children in digital ed school formats and how what her kids experienced over the many years is very different than what many parents are experiencing during the COVID 19 emergency remote learning.

Episode 5 | Natalie Covarrubias

Assistant Program Director of iCode Goodyear, Natalie Covarrubias, joins the show to talk about computer coding, after school enrichment opportunities, and their one year anniversary on March 3, 2021.

Episode 4 | Seth McKinzie

Chief Development Officer of Verano Learning Partners, Seth McKinzie, joins the show to talk about finding the right educational option for each unique district, charter, or private school.  The idea of an intentionally designed foundation to any school or institution becomes crucial to future thinking academic programs.

Episode 3 | Savannah Denning

Savannah Denning from Green River Regional Education Cooperative in Kentucky joins the show to talk about bite-size professional development opportunities paired with immediate takeaways to drive student success.  Additionally, the idea of teacher resiliency is discussed.

Episode 2 | Julie Taylor

Head of School, Julie Taylor joins the show to talk about flexible private school options including a summer school opportunities for both currently enrolled and non-Bridge School enrolled students from anywhere in the world.

Episode 1 | Dan Mahlandt

Principal Dan Mahlandt gives a real world example of hybrid learning.  Additionally, get more information on The Valor Preparatory School of Arizona’s open house and iCode Goodyear’s one-year anniversary scheduled for March 3, 2021.