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Our Schools

Our Schools

Verano Learning Partners is a leader in developing innovative learning models and schools as part of a collaborative network of schools and partners. Our schools, both nationwide and international, strive to elevate learning opportunities for students with engaging and interactive digital curriculum. Using the online and digital learning space, our schools provide students with unparalleled personalized support and flexibility, empowering them to succeed.

Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona

Valor Preparatory Academy of Arizona follows a hybrid learning model, wherein 6-12th grade students get the personalization and flexibility of online learning combined with the structure and support of traditional schools with highly-qualified teachers on-site.

Valor Academy of Ohio

Valor Academy of Ohio is a free public community school for grades 4-8 that follows a hybrid learning model. Students learn with an award-winning digital curriculum and in a collaborative classroom setting with teacher-led instruction. It’s founded by trailblazers with nearly two decades of experience in charter school leadership.

The Bridge School

The Bridge School is a year-round, accredited, and NCAA-approved online private school for grades K-12. It caters to a wide variety of students all over the world. The Bridge School provides a comprehensive, flexible, and personalized online curriculum that encourages students to maximize their academic potential.