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The New American Education Crisis

By September 20, 2021No Comments

Emergency teacher certifications and teacher shortages are not a new problem.  However, do a quick google search and you will find how the pandemic, burnout and teacher vaccine mandates are leading to a national crisis.  Just in the past 2 weeks, headlines read,

“Teacher shortage leaves Newark schools with 120 unfilled positions…”

“Texas faces a teacher shortage that COVID 19 is making worse…”

Substitute shortages so severe, some districts may have to temporarily close classrooms…”

“Special education teacher shortage impacting 48 states…”

Last school year, many students across America had their learning impacted by ad-hoc distance learning or quarantines.  The effects of last school year led to many teachers’ retirement or resignation from education and stunted many students’ learning in what Time Magazine dubbed, The Lost Year (April 12-19, 2021 Cover). 

time magazine cover

Although many across the nation felt initial excitement and hope for the 2021-22 school year, teachers and students are feeling pressure.  Teachers are expected to close the gaps from last year, manage students who are in and out of the classroom due to ongoing quarantines, and be mask police.  Students are trying to navigate the trauma of the past year while also learning to adapt to their new classroom environments.  Classrooms are at capacity, curriculum options are limited based on teacher availability, and teachers’ time to work with the individual needs of students is scarce. This leaves our students lacking the education they deserve yet again.

As parents, we want to provide the best opportunities for our children.  This is why Verano Learning Partners is proud to be an option for students in Arizona, Ohio, and through American Virtual Academy.  Verano Learning Partners give students the quality education they deserve, in both hybrid and virtual settings.  Students enrolled in Verano partner schools are able to continue learning at school or at home – no matter what is happening in the nation or local community.

Julie Taylor, Guest Contributor | Julie Taylor currently serves as the Head of School for The Bridge School. Julie has spent the past 20 years helping students find success as both a teacher and administrator.  A true pioneer in online education, Julie was a key administrator for one of the largest online K-12 schools in the nation.  Julie and her team successfully led the school through technology breakthroughs, lobbying efforts, and a successful accreditation process, all while online learning was in its infancy.

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