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Verano Learning Partners Donates $1M Dollars to SEAL Future Foundation

NEW YORK, NY – The SEAL Future Foundation (SFF), the premiere military transition partner for U.S. Navy SEALs, has accepted a $1 Million donation from the Arizona based company, Verano Learning Partners (VLP). This is the largest donation received by SFF, the rapidly growing non-profit foundation whose mission is to provide tools and resources to the Nation’s most elite military group through health, career, education, and community support.

Founded by digital learning trailblazers, Verano Learning Partners’ mission is to develop innovative learning models as part of a collaborative nationwide network of schools and partners. Through their programming, Verano equips students to be both successful contributors to society, as well as preparing them to be career, college and life-ready. This mission is aligned with that of the SEAL Future Foundation, which eases the transitions for Navy SEALs from military service to civilian life.

Jonathan Wilson, former Navy SEAL and Founder of the SEAL Future Foundation, explains “SFF provides the resources necessary for SEALs to realize their full potential and to continue to serve their new communities, families, and employers with the same passion and commitment they had in the SEAL Teams. We are incredibly grateful for this donation from VLP that will allow us to conduct research and provide treatment resources for mental health injuries caused by the intensities of combat and training – this is our number one commitment to these former Navy SEALs.”

The donation came after Damian Creamer, a former Marine and founder of Verano Learning Partners, was introduced to a Navy SEAL who had been seriously affected by his military service through declining mental health and a struggle to find his next path. Creamer, a Veteran himself, instantly identified the need for help for the Navy SEALs exiting the military and, together with the leadership at SFF, Creamer and Verano initiated the significant donation.

This is a first step towards a longstanding relationship between Verano Learning Partners and the SEAL Future Foundation. Says Creamer, “As proud Americans, we owe a lot of gratitude to the brave men and women who chose to serve our country, and put themselves in harms way to defend our freedoms. When our veterans transition into civilian life – they deserve our support. Verano chose to partner with SFF because we believe their mission and successful track record assisting our vets.”

SFF will allocate a majority of the donated funds toward mental health support – to promote the wellness of SEALs through various initiatives including research, validation, and therapies for traumatic brain injury (TBI), PTSD, and chronic mental stress. Says Wilson, “We have found that many of these men don’t know how they are functioning internally. We will continue taking an inside-out approach and look at various recovery modalities to ensure each individual’s health, both mentally and physically.”

The generous $1M donation from Verano Learning Partners will assist SFF in providing the education, tools, and resources to assist transitioning Navy SEALs in entering a civilian life of purpose.

SEAL Future Foundation, Guest Contributor | www.sealff.org | @sealfuturefoundation

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