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Verano Leaning Partners is paving the way for student success in more ways than one. Not only do Verano schools provide an exceptional education but do so through innovative hybrid and online learning. In partnership with Verano, iCode is further enriching the learning experience for students in Goodyear, Arizona.

Serving as a co-curricular program, iCode provides K-12 students with the opportunity to learn a variety of computer coding languages, systems programming, video game design, robotics, and other forms of computer science. Students learn the fundamentals of how these things work but also come to understand why by discovering techniques that are universal throughout all technology driven industries.

In addition to gaining a technical understanding of the computer sciences, iCode students also learn the important skills of time management, critical thinking, and collaboration through numerous hands on activities and project-based learning. Developing these qualities among students remains a central part of the iCode curriculum.

As students and families look to the future, computer-based skills will only become more valuable, both for college and most careers. With both a technical knowledge and real-world skills, iCode students are prepared for an increasingly technology driven job market. More so, iCode fosters the potential of students to become the innovators and pioneers of new technologies.

Verano and iCode share a mission to elevate learning through innovation and commitment to student success. Together, K-12 students now have the opportunity to explore the technologies that even make their own hybrid and online learning possible. However, most importantly, students will be prepared success whether they pursue a career in computer sciences or not.

Natalie Covarrubias, Guest Contributor | Assistant Program Director of iCode in Goodyear, AZ. With over three years’ experience in working with students in the field performing arts, Natalie has joined the iCode team to help further educate students.

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