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Private Online School to Offer Free Tuition to US Families Concerned About Coronavirus While Living Abroad

By April 15, 2020No Comments

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – Verano Learning Partners, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based non-profit organization, announced its private online school, Venture International Academy, will offer free tuition to U.S. families serving in the military or working for government agencies who are concerned about contracting the Coronavirus while living abroad.

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, so does the concern among American families who are living outside of the U.S., working for government agencies or the military.

As these American families weigh the risk of sending their children to school, many of them may decide to keep their children at home, effectively suspending their education until the Coronavirus is arrested.

Attending school and keeping up with one’s education is especially important for students living abroad, as it helps to bring consistency to families who live outside of the country. As a solution to keep students safe and in school while the Coronavirus spreads, Verano Learning Partners will offer free tuition to these students at their private online school, Venture International Academy.

Venture International Academy is a private international online academy that offers 6–12th grade students a 100% online American education. It also offers a full catalog of core and elective courses that align to coursework found in most middle and high schools across the world.

Verano Learning Partners’ founder, Damian Creamer, is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and understands the challenges of working and living outside of the U.S.

“Since serving in the military, I understand the challenges of those who are serving and working for the U.S. abroad,” saidDamian Creamer. “I also realize the importance of students continuing their education in a safe manner during this time of uncertainty, and I want to ensure U.S. families have an option for quality schooling without disruption.”

Families who are interested can enroll their students by visiting the website: https://www.ventureonlineacademy.org/free-tuition/



Verano Learning Partners is a leader in developing innovative learning models and schools as part of a collaborative network of schools and partners. Its schools, both nationwide and international, strive to elevate learning opportunities for students with engaging and interactive digital curriculum. Using the online and digital learning space, its schools provide students with unparalleled personalized support and flexibility, empowering them to succeed. www.verano.org

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