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Verano Learning Partners Announces the Opening of American Virtual Academy

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New nationwide online private academy now accepting enrollment in all grades, K-12.

GOODYEAR, Ariz. – Verano Learning Partners is proud to announce the launch of a new private online K-12 preparatory academy, American Virtual Academy. Founded with the mission to provide an online K-12 educational experience based in the American ideals of Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness, AVA prepares students to become healthy and prosperous citizens in the United States.

As each year goes by, American values become less central to the educational experience. Coinciding with a growing distrust of government school practices, parents are eager for choices outside of their traditional public system. American Virtual Academy is an option for families living in all 50 states and overseas that want these values re-established in their student’s education.

“Far too many students in public school are simply being told what to think about their nation, its history and its people,” said Damian Creamer, Board Chairman for Verano Learning Partners. “Our goal is to encourage students and teachers to engage in constructive discussion about such principles as democracy, free-markets, and individual liberties.”

Along with an accredited and award-wining digital curriculum, AVA supports student success in school and after graduation through direct engagement with accomplished industry and academic leaders so students can understand and explore the real-life applications of their education. This flexible, yet rigorous academic experience is supported by teachers and administrators that personalize the experience to address the specific needs of each student with include general and honors courses.

American Virtual Academy is currently enrolling for all grades, K-12. To learn more and enroll, please visit AmericanVirtualAcademy.com.

For More Information, Contact:
Chase Eskelsen
(469) 907-9709
[email protected]


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